Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization: Website Redesign & Implementation


Business Challenges

This not-for-profit organization’s mission is to provide opportunities for home ownership to limited income families or individuals. Increasingly, volunteers, donors, and interested clients are seeking information about the programs on the web. The current website is static, difficult to update, and lacks some of the more advanced functionalities that would allow greater interaction with donors, volunteers, and partners. In addition, they wanted to maximize the power of technology to lift some of the administrative burden from staff and volunteers. They were seeking to save time by having new volunteers or prospective clients complete the required applications online. This increased efficiency would allow this organization to save time and money, and ultimately serve more limited income families seeking home ownership.


In addition – it needed to raise $4 million in funding to support its mission, as well as having an operational and dynamic website to enable an effective outreach. A marketing strategy to increase web traffic to respond to funding appeals and increase licit donations would help in these efforts.


Our Approach

We met with the executive team and discussed their business challenges and program requirements and presented our process and methods for achieving their business objectives. As this is the first point of interaction with potential donors and others in the community, the website needs to be visually appealing, functional, informative, and engaging.


What We Accomplished

We redesigned the website along with developing new web copy. The completed website was a fully functional site that has features that allows greater interaction with site visitors. It also streamlined the process for volunteer applications, and the ability to increase the number of online donations. Finally, we implemented the website and provided support and documentation for the organization. The final deliverables included requirement documentation, site architecture, and website design (Templates and Graphical Assets).


Non-Profit Organization


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