Big Data and Optimizing Digital Marketing

Big Data and Optimizing Digital Marketing

Internet users have risen drastically over the years. While there was a time when people spent only a few hours online, now most are connected to the internet at most times of the day. This has led to the evolution of digital marketing.

Via digital marketing, companies now target potential customers online. Big Data plays an integral role in optimizing the digital marketing effort. It allows you to know who and when to target. By accumulating information about your potential customers, you are able to conduct micro targeting which is much more likely to yield results.

Role of Big Data

You can use data about your consumers from various sources to improve your campaigns and ensure that they are targeted well towards your audience. Targeted digital marketing campaigns are known to yield favorable responses much more than mass advertising.

Extracting data from sources isn’t just useful in creating targeted campaigns. Instead, it can also be used to detect trend changes and behaviours. Consumer behaviour is quite complex and a crucial part of purchase decisions. By knowing the trend of this behaviour, as a marketer, you are in a much better position to engage customers.

Similarly, engaging content is more important now than ever. It allows you to stand out from the crowd. How would you know what engages customers the most? Big data provides you with this information and thereby ensures that you are able to create the best marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Big Data for Digital marketing

Here are few of the advantages you may realize if you use big data to construct your digital marketing campaigns.

Acquiring and retaining customers

One part of big data is data analytics. Data analytic tools provide marketers with a thorough analysis of consumer data. Doing so allows the tool to develop trends regarding consumer demand, preferences, habits, and changes in income. This, in turn, lets marketers gain the insight they need to acquire as well as retain customers.

Not necessarily expensive

You might think that acquiring big data and using data analytics is bound to be expensive. However, this is not always the case. There is an array of service providers that have succeeded in delivering data analytics as a low-cost service. So, if you have access to consumer data, you can convert it into meaningful insights without bearing a huge cost.

Using the past to determine the future

Big data is not just about understanding consumer behaviour. It also allows you to look into the past trends and hence make inferences about the future. This approach is used a lot in finance but seldom in marketing. With the help of big data, you can do so. You can see if a given change in behaviour is an anomaly or here to stay. This allows you to make effective long-term campaigns.


If you are a marketer and haven’t tapped into the online world, now is the time to do so. Use big data to optimize your digital marketing efforts. Reap the rewards.


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