Global Building Products Company

Post Merger Integration


Business Challenges

Two global building products companies have announced that they have entered into an agreement to form a strategic joint venture to create a leading world-wide building business. These companies specialize in high-performance interior and exterior lightweight building products, construction materials, and systems for residential and commercial environments.


The newly formed joint venture had no infrastructure, systems, or processes to support the organization and needed to be fully operational by day one.


Approach & Recommendation

We worked with the key executives of the Integration Team to define a strategy to support the disentanglement initiatives. This strategy included the following:

  • Defining a decommissioning strategy for all identified infrastructure components and applications
  • Defining a strategy to handle all websites (internal and external) along with all domains, marketing, and brand collateral.
  • Defining how Intellectual Property (IP) would be shared between the organization and the future operating model for the joint venture.



Feinberg & York led global teams in Asia and Australia to ensure a smooth day one “Go-Live” for the IT related work stream. We also completed reviews of the software/infrastructure contract to limit company liability exposure, built a cost model for handling transitional costs for the portfolio of all IT services rendered, and developed post-day one operating model.


We built/managed a 100-day post-close integration plan, implemented a change management strategy, and had no disruption in business operations on day one (zero defects/disruptions on day one).


Furthermore, we executed a disentanglement strategy and transitioned key services to the JV, establishing a long-term integration and management approach for the future JV.


Global Building Products Company


Strategy & Operations