Global Retail Company

Global Retail Company: Demand Planning & Replenishment Transformation


Business Challenges

This client had numerous legacy systems that were beginning to impact growth. These inefficiencies affected the business’ ability to quickly adapt to market demands and stifled creativity and innovation to new product development. The client wanted assistance in documenting all of their current business processes including the complex exceptions and mapped that to a future sate model. This would allow the stakeholders to have a better understanding of what technology platform should be implemented to support their enterprise transformation and strategic goals.


Our Approach

We conducted a current state analysis of the core business, complex business processes, legacy system capabilities, performance measurements, and organizational structure. We developed a high level future model of business processes, defined a new organizational entity using best practices, and identified new performance metrics.


What We Accomplished

We translated their business requirements into core business processes, mapped requirements to core SAP ERP software modules for future state model enablement, and recommended mitigating strategies to address capability and application gaps.


Global Retail Company


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