Social Service Agency

Full Service Non-Sectarian Non-Profit Social Service Agency: Branding Strategy & Marketing Communications


Business Challenges

The client suffered from a lack of brand awareness among potential donors, leading to a shortfall in donations. Additional complications included competing with several large, well-known agencies for the same donor dollars. In addition, there was an inability to successfully communicate its mission, key attributes, and differentiation to their target donors.


Our Approach

We conducted an assessment of the organization to understand their mission, history, accomplishments, and challenges. We held numerous facilitated sessions with key stakeholders to understand the strategic direction of the organization and the political impacts on the organization’s vision and financial challenges.


What We Accomplished

We developed an effective brand strategy, along with key messages to support that brand strategy. We defined the positioning statements, audience (Primary/Secondary) and the key brand differentiators.


We also introduced a revised name for the organization because it was difficult to make a connection between the current logo and the organization’s values. We also updated its visual identity so it would be accurately aligned with the Brand Strategy.


Lastly, we completed a Marcom audit (Marketing communications) and provided recommendations and next steps.


Social Service Agency


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