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Global Technology Company: New Product / Go-to-Market Strategy


Business Challenges

Client had built an internal global payment system for internal transactions and was looking at new ways to monetize the asset.


Approach & Recommendation

Our approach included a global assessment of the payment industry and determining the best strategy for launching in a fragmented market with entrenched regional global players.



We conducted a global assessment of the global payment industry and developed a summary overview of it, created a payment ecosystem with approximately 200 entities, and constructed comprehensive heat maps for the top 20 competitors. We completed profiles for key competitors and identified emerging trends, key strategic partnerships, and market dynamics.


We also provided an overview of the economics of the payment industry; the value chain, pricing, and discount fee transaction process. In addition, we conducted a competitive analysis on the global payment industry, identified strengths and weaknesses of key competitors, and recommended a strategy and product roadmap and launch on how to monetize the asset.


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