Big Data Top Trends of 2015


Big Data Top Trends of 2015

As we step into the New Year, let’s take a look back at the big data trends of 2015. The Big Data has seen a huge leap forward with many changes in its analytics and perceptions. It was impacted in almost every industry sector and its importance as a business function has increased dramatically. Here are the top 5 Big Data trends that we saw in the year 2015 which are also predicted to follow in the New Year.


  • Data became user-friendly: There was a time when Data was used primarily by the senior members of the organization. However, data has become more accessible and easy to use by everyone. Anyone with the right analytic tools can utilize Big Data where day-to-day activities can be shared and taken insight from.
  • Improved security: The year 2015 saw some of the biggest hacks and breaches where many major companies were affected due to the loss of data. The past and the coming year will see an increased scrutiny on how data is protected and managed. Not just America but other countries around the world are looking into implementing new data protection and access laws that will lead to enhanced data safety and detect any potential threats.
  • The power of IoT: All Internet of Things, not just self-driven cars and drones will prove to be useful in the people’s lives. Devices, machines, sensors – ALL will dominate the Big Data. The data received from such devices such as wearable’s, home appliances, medical instruments will give an unprecedented view of the customer’s needs giving the producing companies an edge to their rivals.
  • Big Data will get cloudy: Cloud is everywhere and continues to be in the coming years. The cloud providers increased up to 47 % in the last two years and will continue to grow in the coming ones.
  • Quantum Computing will grow: The concept of Quantum computing has been around for many years but in the coming years it will become a common ground for all. The concept focuses on developing computer technology based on principles of the quantum theory. In the coming years, more tech giants will see it as an opportunity and use it more frequently.


Data analytics has remained one of the most important areas of technology investment in the past years and will continue to thrive in the coming ones also. Some trends that we saw in the year 2015 are predicted to follow in the year 2016 as well. Let’s wait and watch.

Vanessa Smith
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