Robotics in Global Manufacturing

Robotics in Global Manufacturing

The global industry in our days is on the verge of being revolutionized by Robotics, more specifically Industrial Robots. In light of the declining prices and the expanding of robotic capabilities, more and more manufacturers across the world start questioning the effectivity of implementing robotics in their business.


In the USA only, according to a survey conducted by PwC of various sizes of manufacturers, 59% of them are already using some degree of robotics in their manufacturing processes.


Robots can be employed in various traditional automated tasks, but also beyond, especially in performing tasks with high precision, such as cannot be achieved by mere human.


This we can see in the auto industry as well as in food and beverage sectors.


The training in performing automated tasks of robotic fleets in one plant of a company or a manufacturer is an initial investment and the knowledge gained can be easily shared or transferred to robotic cohorts in another plant of the same company, located in a different country, even a different continent.


The effect of it is in a significant decrease of investment in talent and staff training as traditional manufacturing requires and in enabling to switch production between various locations.


As a consequence, the adoption of robotics in manufacturing has a very positive impact on delivering flexibility and adapting to fast changing customer needs, while enabling fast development of new products and innovation of processes across the world.

Lee Stein
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