Managing chaos, uncertainty and disruption during a post-merger integration

Managing chaos, uncertainty and disruption during a post-merger integration

The integration of merged or acquired organizations can be a long and tough process if not managed carefully. Sometimes,  after a merge or an acquisition, chaos and uncertainty prevail which may have a disrupting effect on the performance of day to day  functions within the organization.



Paying close attention to employees, management and customers can be definitely a balancing act, which can smother the change management process to a great extent.


It is very important that every one involved will fully understand the impact of their actions on others and decisions need to be coordinated. Helping managers and employees to understand the changes involve them in decision making and consulting with them when problems arise, is a major step to a successful change management process.



Roles should be clear and well defined and the people in the organization must feel involved in all the aspects of the merge, positive and negative as one. The most important factors in achieving smooth operation is open communication, participation and involvement.



The teamwork is also very important; teams need to be brought together especially when setting up cutover plans which require detailed and timely planning. Working sessions need to be focused on critical points and timely resolutions.



A very important thing to remember is that new things must not be imposed by the organization because it’ll create more uncertainty and chaos. All changes and future plans have to be clearly explained to all the involved in the process. When there is a focused plan that every one understands, accepts and believes in, it energizes the whole team , develops a  feeling of belonging and raises motivation to contribute the maximum for the success of the change. And this is the best way to avoid disruption, uncertainty and chaos,  and perform a successful post-merge change management process.




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