Convergence of big data, social media and user interaction.

Convergence of big data, social media and user interaction.

Not so long ago, data collection was targeted to specific topics and limited to the entity, which was collecting it – either a person or a company.


But not so today! In these days, computers that can track almost everything do data collection and the data is extracted from numerous sources at once, which contain a constantly increasing volume of diverse data on a vast variety of topics and depths. This constant collection of huge volumes of data creates the Big Data.


This same abundance of information allows not only the study of social interactions on a very detailed level by social scientists but it also has a considerable beneficial impact on marketing companies by allowing them to increase the effectiveness of their social strategies.

People through the whole word communicate today through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and txt messaging on mobile devices.


The amount of information passed online is enormous and the only question is how to capture this information and how to use it effectively.  Software companies are constantly trying to find creative ways to analyze showcase and connect all this data.


Data can be bought from companies which house it and lots of businesses and agencies collect and use it through Viral heat – a data platform with user friendly interface which specializes in Social Media Monitoring, Analysis, Publishing and Engagement. For developers or people with coding knowledge, HADOP – which is an open-source software framework, can be a good solution for collecting, extracting and analyzing large amounts of data. It can be useful for combining and storing data from social media, click streams, scientific resources and more, and the low-cost storage enables keeping information that may be needed for later analysis.





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