Big Data Trends for 2016


Big Data Trends for 2016

It is the start of the New Year and that means it is the time of the year again for the great guessing game to begin about what the year 2016 will bring. What will the year 2017 bring for us? Which Big Data trends will impact the industry this year?


The past years have seen a considerable amount of change in Big Data and its perception. It has helped many companies and organizations reduce cost, be more innovative, and gain a competitive advantage. It is expected to grow even more in the coming years. It is anticipated that the Big Data market will be near $50 Billion by the year 2019. Let’s take a look at the top 5 predictive analytics for the next 12 months.


The advancement of the Algorithms


Each and every organization is capable of collecting and storing vast amounts of Data. They are also able to hire Big Data analysts or train one to understand the patterns within the Data. However, the year 2016 will see a rise in the usage of algorithms which are able to define action much better than us humans can.


Quantum computing to grow


The concept of quantum computing has been making the rounds for many years but still feels far from the reality. The year 2016 will be the year when it will be used as a usual routine with many tech-savvy companies using it more frequently.


Increased Data security

Big Data security has become a vital aspect for internet users with their personal data used commonly around the virtual world. The past years have seen many data breaches which have severely affected major organizations. In the coming months, we are likely to see more scrutiny on how organizations deal with the internet threats – before and after. Most organizations are expected to raise their security budget which will able them to increase their Big Data security making them more secluded to vulnerable breaches.


AI and Machine Learning


Many companies are expected to adopt the trends of machine learning and AI within their own system. The devices that incorporate the system in their methods will be able to automatically collect, store, and analyze data without needing human interactions.


Data will be everywhere in the society


There was a time when Big Data was only discussed by high profile business execs in boardrooms. The coming years will see more and more people gaining awareness and understanding of Big Data and allow them to utilize it in a way they never could before.


2016 will be an exciting time for Big Data. What do you think of the Big Data trends of 2016? It will be interesting to look back after the 12 months and see which predictions came out to be true. However, one thing is certain. The Big Data is here to stay and we are all likely to flow with it.

Vanessa Smith
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